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The problems we face

We are riders like you, we love to adventure and ride in the big mountains. But these very mountains are unpredictable; no matter how knowledgeable or prepared you are accidents will happen. Avalanches take too many lives every year, which is why anything that can increase your chance of survival is worth taking seriously.

Xavier De Le Rue
«I have had my life saved by avalanche safety technology (the ABS bag) and so I know the importance of having the tools to survive, I want to minimize every possible risk and give myself, and others, every opportunity to stay alive in the mountains»
Sam Anthamattem
«Every feature and solution that can decrease risks in the mountains has to be taken seriously»

Hundreds of victims

Between 2004 – 2010 an average of 160 riders died in avalanches in EU and US. 132 freeriders were killed in the EU in 2015.

Downward forces

Equipment, skis or a snowboard, can add up to 3 tons of downward force in an avalanche, pulling the rider under the snows surface and applying a huge amount of pressure to their limbs.

Airbags are no guarantee

Although airbags significantly decrease the risk of critical burial, about 20% of avalanche victims were wearing inflated avalanche airbags. So why don’t they work every time? Airbags are designed to lift the weight of a human, without taking into consideration the downward forces of their equipment.

Serious injuries

Being pulled under the snows surface in an avalanche can cause suffocation, crushing and or serious leg injury.

Avalanche safety kit for snowboard


Receives the transmitter wireless signal and forwards to the pyrotechnic element in the detaching mechanism.

Avalanche safety kit for ski


Receives the transmitter wireless signal and forwards to the pyrotechnic element in the detaching mechanism.

Our solution


An activation device that can be worn on a backpack or on the rider’s apparel that sends a signal that activates the detaching mechanism.
And simultaneously sends an emergency signal with your coordinates to local Ski Patrol.

Detaching mechanism

Releases the binding straps on a snowboard, or the bindings on skis, so that the rider is released.

big thing
in avalanche

Tested in labs and in real mountains
Simple and reliable construction
Vibration, water, ice, cold proof
Lightweight (300 grams) - does not affect your riding
Easy setup
10 minutes to install and use
Compatible with any existing airbags, ski, snowboards
Ready to operate up to – 30C
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